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Dear friend,

Thank you for choosing Hospital Vozandes Quito and welcome to our official web site. Thank you for visiting us and trusting us. It is our purpose that you are well and that you feel well, for this reason we offer the services of our expert staff and our great experience providing health care services for more than sixty years.

The main objective of Hospital Vozandes Quito is to provide each patient safe and high quality health care, following Christian principles and values.

The medical, nursing, resident and technical health care staff and the administrative staff are trained to make a great difference. We have everything you need: advanced technology, a great team of experts who are trained in high specialties and emergency care, but mainly, the vocation to serve.

We are confident that through this new web site you will be able to find answers to your concerns.

It is our desire to commemorate the essence of medicine.

The safety of our patients, the search for the well-being and health care of human lives, will continue to guide our daily work.

Thank you for trusting us!



Ximena Pacheco







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